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In the summer of 2017, I was a Studio Assistant for Design Within Reach. Here I worked within the studio leading tours and informing clients on many iconic mid-century modern furniture pieces. This was also where I gained knowledge of product materials as well as helped develop mood boards for Interior Designers. I would also assist designers by creating special product orders for their clients, as well as take room measurements for proper furnishings and placement. 


Prior to this I attended University of Wisconsin-Stout studying Industrial Design. This is where I received the Couture Award during the annual Fashion Without Fabric Competition, for the piece pictured to the right.  


Shortly after graduation, I became an Associate Product Designer for Regalo International. This is where I worked hand in hand with engineers to gain an understanding of product development and manufacturing of baby and pet products

Currently, I have gained my LLC titled "BEH Designs, LLC."  I provide full time services  for the largest private label manufacturer of Target Brand fashion accessories. I work directly with overseas manufacturers to ensure 3D renderings match physical product samples. My strongest skills include color + hue matching, hand sketching, 3D modeling, and trend mood board forecasting in fashion and home decor industries.  



-Mood board  development 

-Hand sketching 

-3D modeling CAD 

-Prototyping/Model making 

-Product specification pack construction 

-Brand development 

-Overseas manufacturing communication



-Qualitative Research

-Trend Analysis


-CLO 3D 

-Rhino 3D 

-Adobe Photoshop

-Adobe Illustrator 

-Adobe InDesign




Fashion Without Fabric Me.jpg
Brittan Humes

Why I'm Great >


Brittan is a talented industrial designer with a passion for creating the best possible products. She is professional, hard-working, proficient at the core industrial design skills, and has an excellent communication style. She thrives in a collaborative environment where teams use best practices in order to solve real world problems. I have been continually impressed with her commitment to the end consumer and attention to detail. I would recommend Brittan- as she will succeed in whatever ventures she takes on.

-Reem Emerson, Sr. Industrial Designer @ SPYE

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